Black Rock Labs website

Black Rock Labs

Black Rock Labs needed a new website to solidify their brand change from Black Rock Solar. While expanding their focus from solar power to sustainability as a whole, their new website presented their new mission on a single page.

Developing this site meant coding a front page template that includes each of the six content sections. To accommodate the variety of content, I created custom fields for each section. This means that paragraphs, images, links and the like, can be edited within individual fields. As a result, the client can be sure that the structure of the page is maintained.

BuildingWise website


BuildingWise specializes in making existing commercial buildings more energy-efficient, environmentally sound and profitable. Their new website combines information about their company and services along with a portfolio of projects and a blog of relevant articles. The design gives the client an open look with room to show their expertise in the fields of LEED and BREEAM certifications.

Development required attention to the relationships of content structures, particularly how they relate on different sized screens, as well as the intricacies of typography. Focus was given to making each page easy for the client to edit going forward while retaining the integrity of the design. The goal, as with each client, is making the site as easy to use and ready for future developments as possible.

The projects portfolio was coded as a custom catalog. The main portfolio page has a classic image gallery look where project images can be click on to reach individual project pages. Each individual page includes an image of the project structure, a description of the project, and relevant benchmarks of success. The client can use common toolbar functions to ensure the design stays as originally intended.

Through responsive design, the new site maximizes the space of larger computer screens to present content, while scaling and rearranging to suit tablets and smartphones.